Damián Bonesi

Damián Works as a rudimental snare and drumsetteacher. He directs the group SER RUDIMENTAL, along with Samanta Casarramona Denkberg and Gustavo Olech. This proyect incorporates other musicians from the region and develops artistic and educational objectives; #sharethetradition.
His compositions mix the lenguaje of rudimental drumming with textures and ideas that can vary between the folk music of his country and other influences.

Damián played drumset from a very young age andspent a lot of time working as a drummer. Then he was motivated to learn rudimental drumming with SebastiánHoyos, to improve his lenguaje on that instrument.

Damián Bonesi

He was able to expand his knowledge in that style by studying with John Wooton and participating in Summer Drumming at The University of Southern Mississippi. 

In 2018 he visited The Old Guard Drum Corp at Forth Mayer (Washington) alongside Mark Reilly to learn more about traditional U.S.A style.

Damián lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He loves to play Football, read and talk about life-philosophy.


  • Mark Reilly
  • John Wooton
  • Sebastián Hoyos
  • “Pepi” Taveira
  • Christian Faiad
  • Andrea Álvarez
  • Pablo Menegozzo