Scott talking about remote education.

With Social Distancing becoming public policy for the foreseeable future we need effective mechanisms to bring our music ensembles together socially, facilitate the advancement of their musical goals, retain skills, and to provide positive activities for adults and children without the ability to physically gather. The Company of Fifers & Drummers has provided a Guide to Remote Collaboration, which was the product of numerous community leaders who were seeking solutions for their groups and is offered to the community at large.

While this document was prompted by the COVID-19 outbreak the principles can be applied to any scenario where the full group cannot gather (e.g. weather, remote members, etc.). The concepts presented are based on proven solutions and offer a range of options based on the infrastructure and technical acumen of your community. 

The document covers solutions as simple as email distribution groups; online music, audio, and video repositories, etc.; and as complex as video conferencing. For the complex scenarios details are provided that will get you started. We truly hope that this material will help you manage through the difficult times that we are experiencing.