Roberto talks about the march “dr Ring”.

Why “dr Ring”? The picture shows it! Both drum corps «Tambourenverein Lenzburg» and  «Trommelgroep West-Nederland» met in 2018 in Bulle, at federal competitions for fifing and drumming, for a spontaneous jam. Therefor we created a big Ring and we started to play and enjoy a few Swiss marches and compositions that we both knew.

In memory of this great event and as a dedication to both groups, Rhemond Bukkens and I composed together a new march called “dr Ring”.

One big challenge was to compose across borders. From Switzerland to Holland and back.

So we decided to arrange it as follows. I first started with a few ideas concerned the “endstreich”. After that I started with line one, Rhemond went on with line two and so on. Via WhatsApp we exchanged our ideas and gave us feedbacks via WhatsApp. It worked amazingly well.

At the end we submitted the piece to the KlaKom (commission of classification for Swiss compositions), which was classified as a 2BM-March. The classification allows the piece to be played on competitions.

Below some printscreens from our communication via WhatsApp 😊!

…and so on.

The march was written by Roberto Di Martino and Rhemond Bukkens.