Sharing tradition

Sharing the tradition (#sharethetradition) is also about sharing valuable goods, such as know-how and common literature. We want to provide relevant information and knowledge on drum literature, that makes a difference.

Common repertoire

  • Calibra (Roman Lombriser)
  • Celanesen (Fritz Berger)
  • Ueli (Peter Heitz)
  • Crazy Army (Ed Lemley)
  • Team Work (Alex Haefeli)
  • Giubileo (Urs Gehrig, Philippe Müller)
  • Adventures of Joe 90 (Ross Andrews, Brian Petony)
  • Downfall of Paris (John S. Pratt)
  • British Grenadiers / Arabi (Ernest Walker (1907), A History of Music in England.)
  • Pfeifer Retraite (F. Berger)
  • Taptoe (Robert Goute)
  • Rigodon (trad.)